Enjoying Life 1KM at a time

Ugh this is going to hurt..

  1. marathonmelissa said: Hope it feels better soon!
  2. arunnnersjog said: what’r they going to do?!
  3. auspiciousstruggle said: I take it your amputating?
  4. becky-balances said: :(
  5. robownslife said: Your chiro will enjoy it.
  6. melanietris said: Did you shave your leg for this?
  7. stuckinrunningmode said: Are you getting a pedicure?
  8. westcoastrunner said: Graston!!! Will feel soooo much better though later!
  9. crystalfindsherstrength said: Tools of torture. Hang in there! The pain right now will pay off on a few short sessions with that fucked up hunk of metal.
  10. runrunningrunner said: What in the heck is that thing?
  11. lifechangeneededaisle3 posted this
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