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Post Marathon “RICE”

I knew something was off when Danielle and I hobbled from the last timing mat all the way to the letter “I”.  

I was certain it was just “Marathon” soreness.  The next day confirmed that it was not and so on and so on.

It hurt to put any pressure on my right foot.

I made an appointment as soon as I got home with my Physio/Chiropractor.  

I just got back.

The diagnoses is.. 

Right foot, messed up ligament(possible stress fracture in the bone). Not the ligament that I tore back in March, this one is in the midfoot area. They said it takes 2-3 weeks before a bone fracture can show up on an X-Ray(but 95% sure it’s not that, the ultrasound that she did would have told us if it was indeed a 100% fracture, I would have felt it).

So lots of RICE for the next month…  I go back on Friday.

I may need orthotics, seeing I have a flat feet.  

I blame those steel bridges in Chicago :)

Thank god my season is “Officially*” over..  

  1. tallmormon said: Rice it up
  2. victoriafindslife said: O gosh! I wish you could catch a break one of these days!! Take care if those puppies and I hope u feel better soon!
  3. theyellowgatejourney said: Take care and hope you have a quick recovery
  4. ottergetsfast said: So I guess no surprise Tony at 9 Run Run this year, eh? :-) Get better soon!
  5. danielleruns said: That is truly the worst. Nope. Hate that.
  6. kungfucaveman said: You Canadians are so delicate!
  7. mariesante said: :(
  8. inasoutherlydirection said: Yeah but you went out in style!!
  9. jbizzle329 said: Feel better!
  10. justabunchofmemories86 said: Feel better soon, eh?
  11. becomingkal said: Ouch! Get well soon
  12. the-courage-2-grow said: Nooooo!
  13. chrystimoreorless said: That sucks. Fingers crossed for fast recovery!
  14. becky-balances said: time to rest, eh? (those damn bridges)
  15. runningwithguts said: Ugh. I SHOULD HAVE PIGGY BACKED YOU. This stinks, but at least it will force you to take some time for real recovery.
  16. mr-smit said: Dude. I am still hurting pretty bad too. Called the doc and won’t be able to hear back from them until Friday. Going to RICE it myself until then.
  17. thisfearlesslife said: But you made it! Heal up, and take it easy, eh?
  18. regainingmymoxy said: D: that sucks. Time to hole up for winter anyways, eh?
  19. cantstopcristin said: :( at least you were able to finish. So proud of you!!!
  20. shortmom said: I have a pain below my ankle on my foot. Blargh!!!
  21. beachyrunner said: Tony, no. Get well soon!
  22. lifechangeneededaisle3 posted this
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