Enjoying Life 1KM at a time

Tonight’s 45 minute 1800m swim is dedicated to Tridad. I did not use body glide..

  1. danielleruns said: Whoa whoa whoa, didn’t you meet up with Beachy this weekend? #suspicious
  2. tallmormon said: I had to read wetsuit rash to figure this out!
  3. beachyrunner said: looks like someone had a hot date!
  4. spin-stir said: Zincofax should help the hickey go away…and just in time too!
  5. regainingmymoxy said: Taking “swimming loves my body” to a whole new level. *cough* HICKEY *cough, cough, cough*
  6. cantstopcristin said: Ooh…is that from your wetsuit? I haven’t even used my wetsuit yet. The water here is so warm I’d probably have heat stroke if I swam in it. I’ve gotta get at least 1 swim before race day in my wetsuit.
  7. justabunchofmemories86 said: I can’t believe your IM is almost here already! I’m pissed I can’t find my passport to come and see you in action! We can track you through the website though, right?
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