Enjoying Life 1KM at a time

Friday Compressed day off.

Dropped little man at school. Came home, ate. Got my stuff and hit the gym for My W2D4 9 miles.  9 miles/14.4km 1:14   Pace: 8:13mile/5:05KM  

Left the Gym and we got a huge heat wave today! 24F  Window down, T-shirt. Chris Style.

And FlashBack Friday Circa 1983ish..  

  1. danielleruns said: That picture of a young you is so confusing yet intriguing.
  2. missmarisol said: aaaww :)
  3. gettingamyright said: So cute!
  4. regainingmymoxy said: You can do magic tricks for us in Chicago. And yes, I did register!
  5. runsforredvelvet said: Nice Chris Style photo!! :)
  6. seeamandarun said: so cute :)
  7. runningwithguts said: In ‘83 I was -5 years old. ;)
  8. thisfearlesslife said: You look like you were a little trouble maker!!
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