Enjoying Life 1KM at a time

Good luck to everyone running today today! Oh Chicago I had a great time last year!

Rock On: David DeNeire Racks Up The Miles - Competitor Running

Race morning!! So cold and rain yuck!!

Army run 5k Sunday with the GF! Her first one :)

Wishing my friends best of luck today at IM Muskoka 70.3!! Looking forward to IMMT 70.3 next year and IMMT :)

Currently looking at condos for both IM weekends in Tremblant.. Going to be expensive but cheaper then the hotels..

US swimmer Nyad about 5 miles from Florida in Cuba crossing bid - World News

She’s almost done! Could you imagine a 110mile swim!

Oly tri in the morning.. Yeah I’m ahead a little.. A lot less stuff then my first sprint tri..

Eff meeeeeeeeee

Do not drink the Kool Aid… Walk away.. Walk away….

IIMT 70.3 Check!  Sold out in less then 24 hours!!  Surprised the full hasn’t sold out yet!!  Tempting to do the full… urrghhhh  So much energy over the weekend, and watching my Bro-in law do it… brings back memories and inspiration! 

Fireman Rob!!!

Some final hour shenanigans at IMMT. 16:23:22 bears some meaning. Cheering an IM is hard. Thanks to all my friends and family that cheered at all my races, I have a new appreciation.

We made it!

I should not cheer..

Found out I can register right now for the full and the half at Tremblant next year for one low low price of $975 Cdn..

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